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Quality Restorations:

For over three decades, our mission has been to provide excellence in all areas of piano care­: from tuning, to concert-level regulation and voicing, to comprehensive rebuilds. We are a boutique studio, offering the service of finding unrestored Steinways at wholesale prices and performing custom-restorations. The end result: you save thousands of dollars on owning a mint-condition, dream piano. Our reputation is founded on delivering exceptional results and it is our genuine pleasure to contribute to your artistic aspirations. We take pride in caring for, and providing pianos to, everyone from the aspiring student to the music industry’s most respected artists, producers, and composers.

“Our newly rebuilt piano is beautiful and is a joy to play. We’re so grateful for your wonderful work.”
Larry Klein
“I’m loving the restoration you did. I can’t believe it’s the same piano!”
Billy Childs
“I love what you did to my piano. The touch and tone are just amazing. Thank you so much. Great job, Jim.”
David Foster
“You’re the only guy who can make my piano sing like you do.”
Humberto Gatica
“Thanks for such a lovely job you did restoring our piano. We are all thrilled! I woke up this morning just to go look at it. It’s like a piece of art. Fantastic job Jim. I know you poured your heart into it.”
Doug Cameron
Dear Jim, A truly wonderful job on the piano, as always… Thanks. Your friend
Burt Bacharach
I was faced with the decision of either purchasing a new grand piano or refurbishing the Steinway I have had for over 40 years. Jim brought new life to my sentimental, treasured workhorse. His respect for my “mistress” coupled with his skill as a technician and his sensitivity as a musician helped create a truly amazing transformation. It is an inspiration to play!
Terry Trotter
“With my sincere appreciation for your work on the piano and your faithful attention to the details of the voicing. Many thanks.”
Van Cliburn
“Thanks so much for voicing my Yamaha grand. It sounds better than ever and I believe it’s the best sounding piano I’ve ever played now that you got your hands on it.”
Russ Irwin