Jim Wilson – 5D.2_1912_Steinway_A2mock
Jim Wilson – 5D.4_1912_Steinway_A2mock
Jim Wilson – 5D.5_1912_Steinway_A2mock


Length: Veneer: Serial #:
6’2” Ebony Satin 151168

Introduced in 1878, the A was the second model Steinway produced (after the B), and is still going strong today. At 6’2”, has a full, rich bass. This particular piano plays like a dream and has a rich, clear sound. Genuine Steinway parts.

New Steinway A Grand MSRP: $81,800.00

Our Fully Restored Price:


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This complete restoration includes:

– Refinish Case – Satin Ebony

– Paint & Detail Plate

– Install new agraffes

– Refinish Soundboard

– Renotch Bridges

– Polish Hardware 

– Install New Pinblock

– Install New Stringing & Plate Felts

– Install New Roslau Treble Strings

– Install New Bass Strings

– Install New Nickle-plated Tuning Pins

– Install New Key Bushings

– Install New Backchecks

– Install New Action Felts & Punchings

– Install New Whippens

– Install New Shanks and Flanges

– Install New Renner Blue Point (Wieckert felt) Hammers

– Seat and Level All Strings

– Fit Hammers to Strings

– Rebuild Trapwork

– Install New Dampers

– Regulate Damper Action

– Complete Concert-level Action Regulation

– Action Touch Weight Analysis and Optimization

– Concert-level Voicing of Hammers

– Multiple tunings / stabilize instrument to concert pitch