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Length: Veneer: Serial #:
6’11” Ebony Satin 289998

A favorite of many recording studios and live venues, the B is one of Steinway’s most sought-after models. This particular unrestored piano is in our stock and is slated for restoration by the end of 2015. Once restored, it will look very similar to this restored Steinway A.

New Steinway B Grand MSRP: $110,000.00

Our Anticipated Fully Restored Price:


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Our planned restoration calls for:

– Refinish Case – Satin Ebony

– Paint & Detail Plate

– Install new agraffes

– Refinish Soundboard

– Renotch Bridges

– Polish Hardware 

– Install New Pinblock

– Install New Stringing & Plate Felts

– Install New Roslau Treble Strings

– Install New Bass Strings

– Install New Nickle-plated Tuning Pins

– Install New Key Bushings

– Install New Backchecks
– Install New Action Felts & Punchings

– Install New Whippens

– Install New Shanks and Flanges

– Install New Renner Blue Point (Wieckert felt) Hammers

– Seat and Level All Strings

– Fit Hammers to Strings

– Rebuild Trapwork

– Install New Dampers

– Regulate Damper Action

– Complete Concert-level Action Regulation

– Action Touch Weight Analysis and Optimization

 – Concert-level Voicing of Hammers        

– Multiple tunings / stabilize instrument to concert pitch