Jim Wilson - 2.1_JWheadshotForBioJim Wilson, R.P.T., studied all areas of piano servicing at the Perkins School of Piano Tuning and Technology under Robert Perkins, graduating at the top of his class in 1977. In 1981, Jim became one of the nation’s youngest “Craftsmen” (now simply referred to as “Registered Piano Technician”) members of the PTG, the highest level of achievement possible. Jim has been the official tuner for multiple symphony halls, including the Amarillo Symphony and the Ambassador Auditorium – where he prepared pianos for top classical pianists, including Van Cliburn, who gave Jim an endorsement.

In 1984, Jim helped develop the world’s first midi adapter for acoustic piano and was flown around the globe to personally “MIDI” and service the pianos of dozens of the world’s top artists – including Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, Elton John, Keith Emerson and many others. Jim collaborated with Spectrasonics, a leading innovator of world-class, award-winning virtual instrument software plug-ins, on the release of “Keyscape”. Keyscape is an extraordinary new virtual instrument that features the largest selection of unique, collector keyboards in the world – including Jim’s personal, customized Yamaha C7. The library / piano is endorsed by artists including Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy, who called it “the best piano sample” yet. Ten years in the making, the library was released on September 1, 2016.

Today, Jim and his carefully selected team of Associate Tuner / Technicians have had the honor being entrusted with the care of the pianos of some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry including Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Lionel Richie, Barry Manilow, Richard Carpenter, Pink, Burt Bacharach, Dr. Dre, Linda Perry, Justin Timberlake, Quincy Jones, David Foster, Carole King, Keith Urban, Dianne Warren and numerous other top songwriters, film composers & musicians. Jim and his team of associates place exceptional service in every area of piano care as priority number one, earning the respect and loyalty of his clientele. Word of mouth is their biggest form of advertising, with virtually all of their client roster originating from a referral.



Legendary producer Quincy Jones discusses the restoration 
of his piano performed by L.A. Piano Services.

Producer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry) talks about his Steinway B grand piano,
fully-restored by and purchased from L.A. Piano Services.

Legendary producer David Foster discusses the restoration 
of his piano performed by L.A. Piano Services
Producer Larry Klein discusses the restoration 
of his piano performed by L.A. Piano Services

Jim Wilson - 2.5_Burt BacharachDear Jim, A truly wonderful job on the piano, as always… Thanks. Your friend
~ Burt Bacharach

Jim Wilson - 2.2_van_cliburn copy“With my sincere appreciation for your work on the piano and your faithful attention to the details of the voicing. Many thanks. Best of wishes,”
~ Van Cliburn

Jim Wilson - 2.13_Paul-McCartney“Jim fixed it for me! Sounds like a whole new piano!”
~ Paul McCartney

Thank you for making my dream piano possible, it’s gorgeous! it inspires me and songs are bubbling up! It’s just heaven!
Love and much gratitude, Olivia.

~ Olivia Newton-John

Jim Wilson - 2.4__DougCameron

Dear Jim, Thanks for such a lovely job you did restoring our piano. We are all thrilled with it – including my Mom. She remembers playing it when she was a little girl. Great job, Jim!! I know you put your heart into it and we are grateful for what you have created!

Doug Cameron

Jim Wilson - 2.6_Robert_TercekJim Wilson came highly recommended by several recording industry friends, who said that Jim is the go-to guy in Los Angeles for music pros. They weren’t wrong.Jim is amazing, works wonders with pianos, and his results are nothing short of a miracle. Jim turned my piano into a beautiful instrument, with a full range of subtle and precise action. My piano isn’t just “as good as new”, it’s better than it ever was. Jim managed to make my mediocre piano sound like a concert grand. I am delighted to discover that there are subtle overtones and lingering resonance on chords that I simply couldn’t achieve previously. The action is smooth and responsive. Suddenly I can play trills and mordents with ease. Most importantly, I can now play pianissimo with a degree of precision that was previously impossible. . . . Jim gets my highest endorsement: he will be my go-to guy for keeping my piano in shape for years to come.
Robert Tercek

Jim Wilson - 2.8_Terry_trotter copyI was faced with the decision of either purchasing a new grand piano or refurbishing the Steinway I have had for over 40 years. Jim brought new life to my sentimental, treasured workhorse. His respect for my “mistress” coupled with his skill as a technician and his sensitivity as a musician helped create a truly amazing transformation. It is an inspiration to play!
~ Terry Trotter

Jim Wilson - 2.7_mike.melvoinI started out with arguably the best piano in city, a 9’3″ Imperial Concert Grotrian Steinweg. It was time for “renewal” (strings, hammers, dampers, action) to be what it could be. Jim Wilson gave me back arguably the greatest piano anyone has ever heard, sweet, strong, centered with a catabile approaching a minute of pure fundamental! It is impossible to stop playing this piano. Thank you Jim!
~ Mike Melvoin

Jim Wilson - 2.10_RussIrwin copyThanks so much for voicing my C5, it sounds better than ever and I believe it’s the best sounding piano i’ve ever played now that you got your hands on it. You rule!
~Russ Irwin

Jim Wilson - 2.9_walter-afanasieff“I can’t believe the difference your voicing made in Kenny G’s 7′ grand. It used to be my least favorite piano, and now it’s the perfect recording instrument!”
~ Walter Afanasief, producer

Jim Wilson - 2.12_chickcorea“For the press book of Jim Wilson: Jim Wilson is one of the best piano tuners I’ve come across!”
~ Chick Corea

Jim Wilson - 2.3_GeorgeDukeJim, You’re the best! You treat my piano like a favorite son. Our long association through the years is due to your excellence in all areas of piano wisdom and I truly value you as a friend and keyboard tech wizard. Sincerely
~ George Duke

Jim Wilson is a beautiful pianist and composer himself, so he approaches each piano with an artistry that transcends skill and reaches into the soul of the instrument. He has brought my pianos to life in ways that I could not have imagined.
~ Lili Haydn, Violinist/Vocalist/Composer

Hey Jim, I love my newly restored piano! Every time I play a chord on it I am amazed!
~ Paul Mirkovich, Musical Director, The Voice

Dan_WilsonJim Wilson took my Bechstein grand from good to great! When I brought my piano from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, I knew there was a great recording piano hidden in there somewhere, but I couldn’t make it sound right. I was using it in tons of pop recording sessions, but I was having to work too hard to make it sound right in the tracks. The highest treble was always magical, but Jim worked on the touch and the tone of the whole keyboard, bringing out the clarity and attitude of the midrange notes as well. And the bass is powerful now. I’m really happy. It records beautifully. . . . Makes me want to buy another piano just to have the experience of having Jim make it sound awesome!

~ Dan Wilson, Songwriter / Artist

“Jim Wilson took my Yamaha C7 piano and transformed it into a magnificent musical instrument. He brought out a warmth, depth and richness that I truly never thought could be achieved. It now plays far better than a new piano plays.”
~ Don Davis, Award-winning Film & TV Composer

Jim Wilson - 2.11_ted_howe“One of my biggest concerns about my move from Atlanta to Los Angeles recently was finding a “master technician” to care for my beloved Yamaha C-6 Disclavier. I’ve been working with a tech in Atlanta for many years and had gotten very accustomed to having the piano in the best of condition as it was in recording studio. After a bad experience, I was referred to Jim Wilson and after two visits, the piano is actually “better” than it has ever been thanks to Jim’s superb regulation, voicing and tuning talents, not to mention the love of his craft. I’m relieved, and can go on with my work with an an instrument that, if it could speak, must also be very happy.”
~ Ted Howe, jazz pianist/arranger/composer

Jim Wilson - 2.14_MarkGasbarroJim- A word of thanks here for the absolutely excellent, uncompromising work you did in rebuilding my (46-year-old) Steinway. Wonderful responsive action, beautiful, singing tone throughout its full dynamic range, clarity and depth that it never had. It really offers more in all respects than if I were to have bought the same piano new. And the refinish looks spectacular.
~ Mark Gasbarro

Jim Wilson - 2.15_theodore_shapiroDear Jim. I want to thank you for your amazing work on our piano. You’ve resurrected our Steinway grand into a truly beautiful thing to play. The sound and the touch are exactly what I hoped for. You’re the best.
Theodore Shapiro, composer

Jim Wilson - 2.16_TomLernerHey Jim, Now that I’ve had a few days to really play my piano since you regulated and voiced it, I’ve got to tell you that I’m ECSTATIC! As you know, I loved my piano before you worked on it. I loved the definition and clarity of its sound, and the feeling of fullness of the action under my fingers. But NOW… how to put it in words?… you’ve added warmth and roundness to the tone without losing the definition I loved, and the timbre for the first time is EVEN from note to note across the full range of the instrument. As for the regulation: I can play pianissimo now- hallelujah!!! Playing involves less effort, and I have more control, without giving up that nice feeling of fullness under my fingers. And again, the feel is uniform from key to key across the range off the instrument. Jim, you really “went the extra mile” to transform my piano so beautifully, actually working into the night to get it right. Your hard work totally shows in the result. You are THE MAN- thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’ll stop here, because I’m itching to go back to playing my new piano… Best
~ Tom Lerner

Jim Wilson - 2.17_AdamChesterFor years Jim Wilson has been coming to Keyboard Concepts to tune and voice select pianos for us — most recently a 9’6 Bosendorfer 290 concert grand piano. Within the course of the day, Jim turned this piano into a work of art. I now have the confidence to show it to every single customer who walks through our doors. And if they don’t buy it, then I should! While I’m not sure he could turn a Weber console with no strings or keys into a Bosendorfer, I wouldn’t put it past him to try.
~ Adam Chester, manager, Keyboard Concepts

Jim Wilson - 2.18_Marcus_MillerFor me, it’s a pretty simple choice. You can buy a new piano or have Jim regulate and voice the one you have! The results are the same. My piano sounds richer and warmer without sounding muddy!
~ Marcus Miller

Jim Wilson - 2.19_Josh_LevyJim, thanks so much for all the work you’ve done on my piano. You’ve transformed an aging 30 year-old C7 into a beautiful and expressive instrument. With the latest regulation, it plays like new, and your impeccable voicing has brought a new level of warmth and subtlety to the piano without sacrificing power and clarity. I only wish I could take it with me on the road!
~ Joshua Levy – pianist, arranger, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Jim Wilson - 2.20_TomDrescherJim – Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you…wow, what a great job you did revoicing and regulating my C3. That’s some sort of piano voodoo you’ve got going there, turning a 28 year old Yamaha into a brand new Bösendorfer. The touch and tone are amazing, even and beautiful, and I can play softly now in a way I could never do before. Just great. And that’s saying nothing about how you tuned it – best it’s ever been tuned. You’re making this old klutz sound like Rubinstein. Honestly, my thanks for the work you did. Worth every penny.
~ Tom Drescher

There is no greater musical pleasure than playing a freshly tuned and tweaked Jim Wilson piano. No one else comes close to what Jim can do with the instrument.

~ Greg Wells, Producer / Songwriter

I purchased a used Yamaha C7 for my studio and it needed some work done. Jim Wilson was recommended to me by a few respected piano players and studio owners in town. I had Jim work on my piano, he replaced the hammers, regulated, voiced and tuned the piano and brought it back to life !!! The tone and the action of the piano is beautiful and it records amazingly well. Thank you Jim, you are truly a master at your craft.

~ Hussain Jiffry, Bass Player / Producer

Jim’s overhaul of my Kawai’s action made a startling difference in both the sound and playability. This piano is on every song I record, so I wouldn’t trust my “hammers” with anyone but Mr. Wilson. Beyond that, he’s just a terrific guy…thank you Jim!

~ Brian Simpson, Recording Artist

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