In 1985, we were the very first to blaze the “Midi-piano” trail. Now, decades later we have over 1,000 satisfied customers, including Elton John, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. The PNOscan II system is a simple MIDI interface that we install out-of-sight, beneath the keys of your piano, reading key movement via high-resolution, optical scanners. It allows you to connect to your sequencer or synthesizers, opening up your piano to a whole new world of sounds and possibilities. The lush sound of an acoustic piano mixed with strings, or a multitude of other sounds, is an invaluable tool for professional composers, and provides newfound inspiration for any pianist.


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Want to get more mileage out of your tunings? A Humidity Control System can help. People are often surprised to find that humidity fluctuations are the number one factor that puts your piano out of tune and shortens its life. (Ever wonder why the dry Santa Ana winds wreck your tunings?) These regularly-occurring weather changes cause the soundboard to swell from dampness in the summers, contract from dryness in the winters and cause a list of negative effects on your piano. A Humidity Control System is installed out-of-view and works to keep you piano’s soundboard at 44% relative humidity. It is a good investment, extending the life of your piano and the longevity of your tunings.


Let us provide you with a wool string cover, custom-made for your piano. It will:

• Improve tuning stability by keeping moisture from the strings
• Greatly reduce rusting of the strings
• Keep your soundboard, tuning pins, strings and plate pristine and dust-free

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